Corporate House Style Options

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Corporate housekeeping refers to the management and oversight of commercial properties and their associated personnel. It can also be referred to as property management. A corporate housekeeper’s duties may include cleaning, vacuuming, dusting, laundry, repairing small appliances, and light cleaning. The company conducting the property maintenance is generally known as the property master.


What are the benefits of using corporate housing options instead of hotel room rental? Corporate housing is a flexible term in the moving industry that suggests renting an apartment, condominium, or house temporarily, usually to people, military members, interns, or large companies, as an alternative to an extended stay hotel or even an ordinary hotel room. Most corporate housing options are available on short notice and maybe booked up within minutes. This gives people all the flexibility they need to plan their travel properly.


Another advantage of going with corporate housing options is convenience. Rather than drive all around the city looking for a hotel room, they stay where they are booked and use the services of a local property management company to show them the location of the property. When these properties are fully furnished, they include a fully furnished kitchen, fully equipped bedrooms, living areas, cable, internet, and other amenities of a modern hotel. They may also come complete with private transportation.


Property management businesses can provide fast, efficient service as well as a professional approach. For example, a large corporate house report notes that when using Airbnb rentals, the business owners get a minimum of two days of clean, unoccupied accommodations. This means no more late fees or having to pay to have someone overnight.


One drawback to using airline accommodation when on a large corporate retreat is the price. Many of these corporate apartments are quite pricey, with many going as high as twenty-five thousand dollars or more for a small apartment. However, many business owners can get great deals because they book well in advance and are flexible with dates.


The alternative for many companies is often a comfortable home away from home, but it has its disadvantages. Many companies find it difficult to schedule hotel room times for their traveling employees because of the costs associated with maintaining a home-away-from-home environment. Hotel room rates are based on several factors, including the nightly rate and the morning, afternoon, and evening rates. When a company uses corporate housing accommodations, they have access to all the benefits of having a hotel room without the costs.


Most corporate houses provide fully furnished rooms, but some do charge for extras. This can include access to a kitchen, laundry facilities, and transportation to nearby attractions. Companies should evaluate what extras are most important to them and then shop around for fully furnished options. They should also ask about any special requests that may be needed with fully furnished corporate houses. Some companies can upgrade features at a later date.


There are also a few completely furnished housing communities that are becoming extremely popular. Many of these are actually apartments, but there is usually a clubhouse and/or parking garage. Some have gym access and are only two to three blocks from the corporate housing community. These are typically called AirbnBeds. While AirBNBeds have some advantages over fully furnished housing, they are not as long term or as attractive as the short-stay hotel room alternatives.


One corporation that has recently launched an entirely furnished home is ZEUS Lifestyle Communities. This is the business housing option that is actually on the property. ZEUS is part of the Starwood/Glenwood Group and is one of the largest home parks in the country. The homes here range in price from about six thousand dollars to about fifteen thousand. Most of the Zeus living complexes and houses are actually located on four acres of luxurious real estate and are located in the heart of Palm Springs.


Most people who decide on this option are looking for a relatively short-term investment. They can lease the property for a period of years, and if they wish, they can buy it and return it to the park after the lease has expired. It is not unusual for these buyers to stay in the home for five or six years and then purchase a new fully furnished condo in the same area. This leaves them free to move when the time is right.


There are other reasons that corporations will choose to rent out their entire facility rather than purchase their own business apartment. Oftentimes, corporate housing tends to have many advantages over single-family homes or apartments. Many corporate apartments offer several restaurants and clubs, gyms, swimming pools, tennis courts, in-house laundry facilities, fitness centers, and other amenities. While a person can spend several hundred dollars a month in these areas, they can spend thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars in the larger cities. For that reason, they are rarely left without a car. A person going on a business trip usually takes their car with them, which is another advantage that makes corporate housing an attractive option.