5 Creative Ideas for Renovating a Nursery Room

The first room that a child experiences is the nursery. It prepares them for their future as they learn how to sleep, play and even walk in this new space. The nursery should be filled with items that will encourage a child’s curiosity and imagination.

Nurseries are also a place where many parents choose to decorate for baby showers, so it is important to keep in mind how this room could transform over time. It’s also helpful to consider the different types of nursery beds, storage and lighting.

We’ve rounded up five design ideas that can help you get inspired for creating your perfect nursery room.

light source that matches the style of your child’s bed

If you are planning to use a convertible crib, go ahead and purchase one with a canopy. Place an overhead light fixture that matches the bed’s style, then switch it on each evening before your little one falls asleep.

If you plan to use this room as an adult guest space in the future, think about investing in lighting styles that will complement your décor and fit in with other items in your home.

n area for rocking and comforting

If you plan to use a crib until your baby is ready for a toddler bed, it’s helpful to create a separate space that is solely dedicated to comfort. This may be as simple as adding an armchair next to the crib or creating a special reading corner in the nursery.

Peel and stick Wallpapers

Use Custom wallpaper that is peel and stick wallpapers to add color and texture to the walls, then carefully paint over them with a low-odor paint. Peelable wallpapers can be great  for nurseries as they can be repainted and redecorated over time.

Decor that expands their horizons

Children’s rooms should be decorated with items that broaden their horizons, like a mobile that includes images of the moon and stars or an area rug with an interesting pattern. These are only two examples of how to transform this space into something special. Use your imagination and decorate this room with items that will encourage your child to explore while they are still very young.

Lighting and storage containers that parents can use in other rooms

It’s a great idea to add lighting and storage units that can be used in different parts of the house when you are finished using them in the nursery. If you have the budget, you may also want to look into changing tables with storage space.

style that reflects your personal taste and is easy to update

It’s important to decorate a nursery room in a style that showcases your personal tastes, but is also functional. You can do this using wallpapers for nursery. It’s helpful to go with basic colors and designs for this room as you will most likely be updating the space every few years.

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5 Ways You’re Using Your Dishwasher Wrong

Having a dishwasher can make home living easier for you. Gone are the days when you have to go to work late because of a time-consuming kitchen chore. Using a dishwasher is as easy as loading up the device, adding the dishwasher detergent, pushing a few buttons, and you’re good to go. It only takes a few minutes of your time to be able to come home to a clean, mess-free kitchen. 

Proper usage is key to maintaining the quality condition of your dishwasher. Here are 5 bad dishwashing habits you should break:

Overloading the machine

While running a small load can waste water and energy, overloading the dishwasher has its harmful effects too. It can result in constant overheating, which can shorten the life of your dishwasher. Read the manufacturer’s instructions regarding the proper way to load the machine. 

Using cheap detergents

Always go for a top-quality dishwasher detergent. Cheap products may contain chemicals and other ingredients that can be damaging to the different components of your dishwasher. 

Leaving food waste

You can rely on your dishwasher to properly clean your dishes. However, you are not supposed to load items that are too dirty. Otherwise, the machine will be forced to work harder and consume more energy. 

Forgetting to clean the interior

Your dishwasher needs cleaning every now and then to get rid of food, grease, and soap scum residue that gets stuck inside the machine. It only takes a little time and effort to get the job done, so don’t try to skip it!

Skipping regular inspections

Keep your dishwasher’s health in check by having it inspected and maintained regularly by a pro. Doing so can save you from dealing with expensive equipment repairs and replacements. 

Are you looking for a trustworthy professional to handle your dishwasher problems at home? Get fast, efficient results when you hire a licensed Osage Beach plumber. Book a service now!

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How to Prep Your Home for an Air Conditioning Installation

An air conditioning installation is essential in a home. However, you cannot rely on your hired contractor to do all the work. If you want the job to get done fast and hassle-free, you should take the necessary steps to prepare your space. Before calling the pros into your home, here are a few things you must do:

Take the time to clean and declutter your home. 

Before your AC installation schedule, do not forget to conduct proper cleaning in your home, especially around the work area. Remove obstructions, such as kid’s toys, furniture, and appliances, and transfer them temporarily to another room. A clean and clutter-free work area allows contractors to move around freely during the installation process. 

Make sure your ductwork is ready.

If you are going to install a central air conditioning system in your home, you must get your ductwork installed ahead of time. In case you have existing ductwork, have it cleaned and sealed properly before integrating the new AC system. 

Keep small kids and pets away from the working area.

Playing kids and running pets can distract your hired AC contractors at work. Put your kids in a separate room where they can play and sleep while there’s an ongoing AC installation in your home. It would also be the best time to take your pets out on a walk. 

Hire a professional air conditioning installation Jupiter

Get the most benefits from your new air conditioning installation at home by hiring a licensed and skilled AC contractor. If you are living in or around Jupiter, there is no need to look further for an HVAC company you can trust. Hire the trusted local HVAC company near you and expect no less than fast and efficient results. Get quality consultations and estimates when you talk to the pros today! 

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How Much Does Exterior House Painting Cost?

When your house needs a new coat or two of paint, it can be a big project. Homeowners can head over to Angi, formerly Angie’s List, to find out more about the price it will cost. However, there is no one set price for this type of job. A lot depends on your house itself as well as the region that you live in. Urban areas virtually always cost more, and rural areas may have an extra charge because they are far away. 

Exterior House Painting Prep

A big part of the cost to paint the exterior of a house depends on the prep work required before the house is actually painted. That prep work often includes getting rid of the paint that was there before if it’s chipping and to fill in any holes and dents. If the house needs a lot of prep work, this alone can be more than half of the labor cost of the entire project. If there is little prep work that needs to be done, this part may only cost a couple to a few hundred dollars. However, on a house that is 2,100 square feet that needs a lot of prep work, the cost can be $1,000 or more.

If your home needs window glazing or caulking, this will add even more to the price. You can expect an average-sized house to cost anywhere from $2,000 to $4,000 depending on the prep work needed, the size of the house, and the kind of exterior house paint you want to use. 

The Square Footage

The square footage of your house is one of the major determiners of how much the paint job will cost. If your home needs to have window caulking and pressure washing, and paint that is in average condition, you may pay about $0.50 per square foot for the prep work. If you need a little scraping and/or power brushing to get rid of paint in bad condition, you may pay anywhere from $0.50 to $1 for each square foot for the prep work. If the paint is in very bad condition, you may pay as much as $2 per square foot for the prep work.

Then when you get two coats of paint on your house, you can expect to pay about $1 to $2 per square foot. All total, $3,000 is a good average amount for exterior house painting. The price can be up to $10,000 if your house is larger than average and you have paint in poor condition. 

Want to know how much your exterior painting project will cost? Angi makes it easy for you to find local exterior paint professionals and get multiple competitive quotes. Estimates are generally free, and you are under no obligation to use their services. 

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How to Upgrade Your Bedroom with Small Tweaks

Upgrading your bedroom is something of a dream. We all know how wonderful it feels to step into a freshly decorated space, featuring beautifully designed soft furnishings, elegant colour schemes and show stopping finishing touches. We have the perfect advice for you and your home, adding the building blocks to a complete, fresh, new interior style. 

The smaller details really make a difference when upgrading your space. From switches to plug sockets you can combine contrasting yet complementing electrical features around your room to really add finesse. Often, we forget about upgrading our plug sockets and switches, underestimating the impact this has on your home, not only from a safety angle, but from an aesthetic perspective also. Our personal favourites are a smoked bronze or brass dimmer switch or toggle switch. For beautiful bedroom ambience, a dimmer switch is perfect for setting the evening tone. 

Image Credit: Buster & Punch

For detailing around your headboard, introducing drop pendants either side of your bed to replace lamps and bedside tables is a perfect space saving technique whilst giving a luxe minimalist vibe throughout your bedroom. Controlling these each with separate dimmer switches allows you to create your own lighting either side of the room. Additionally, drop pendants make perfect reading lighting. 

If the space in your room allows you to, you can create a coffee corner. This is a space featuring a beautiful bedroom chair and small table as an additional space to relax and unwind. Featuring a beautiful furniture piece in your room creates an eye-catching focal point to the room, adding character and definition. If your space is more neutral, you can introduce a pop of colour here as an elegant contrasting piece. 

Let’s talk flooring. Flooring can transform your space entirely, and although it may not be considered a ‘small tweak’ it shows how something so simple can have a huge impact on the look and feel of a room. We absolutely adore a soft carpet in your comfort spaces such as a snug, office, or living room, and bedroom, the warm comforting touch on the soles of your feet is enough to bring anybody pure comfort. In a hallway and kitchen our top favourites are a herringbone style hardwood flooring or a neutral tile. The beauty of this being the ease of use and cleaning whilst featuring a crisp and clean finish. 

Lastly, your soft furnishings play a huge part in the design of your bedroom. More specifically here, your curtains and blinds. If you’re looking to keep the light out, consider a roman blind paired with thick, luxurious, lined curtains for added comfort. Nothing breaks a room up more and adds character better than beautifully designed curtains. For the more luxurious feel, consider a silver lined pleated curtain or other neutral metallic shades. 

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3 Tips for Decluttering Your Home

There are many reasons a person might decide to declutter their belongings. Perhaps they have an upcoming move approaching, they’re downsizing to a space with less storage, or they might simply be dreaming of a living space with a lot less stuff. In any case, they need to cut down on the items around them, getting rid of things they don’t need and taking advantage of more effective storage options for those items they intend to keep.

As you embark on your decluttering journey, you may run into a wide range of obstacles and even more questions. For example, how should you handle the sheer number of items you have to sort through? Where can you find storage units near you? What should you do with the things you’re purging? Fortunately, a few particular tips can guide you through the decluttering process at home and beyond.

1. Find the right type of decluttering for you.

From Marie Kondo to The Home Edit, there’s no shortage of decluttering and organizing methods you can choose from, and each one has its legions of devoted followers who swear by their strategy of choice. However, your question shouldn’t be which method of organizing or decluttering is the most effective for most people. Instead, you should consider which option is the right fit for you.

Hot Mess House host Cas Aarssen utilizes this concept in her Clutterbug ideology, a set of four different organizing styles she’s seen in her clients. The same principle can be applied to decluttering. For example, should you sort through your items in large groupings, like the KonMari categories of clothes, books, papers, and so on, or will you have better results by categorizing your belongings further, such as decluttering tops, bottoms, dresses, and other subcategories within the larger umbrella of clothing? Once you’ve determined the most effective strategy for your unique needs and personality, the decluttering process will become much less overwhelming.

2. Figure out what to do with your existing belongings.

The belongings you keep and those you decide to discard will need to be dealt with beyond this initial declutter. For those things you plan to keep, what will you be doing with them? Ideally, you’d have delegated spaces within your home for everything you keep. However, your space doesn’t always work with your lifestyle. For instance, what if you’re embarking on RV life and are decluttering your belongings to fit in that small space, but you don’t want to lose their cherished heirlooms or other non-urgent items just because they’re not in the RV with you? In these cases, a storage facility may very well be your best bet. Just be sure to organize your storage unit to make sure your items are indeed organized and decluttered.

3. Find ways to dispose of the excess.


There are other items that you won’t want to keep. It’s easy to toss out blatant trash, but other types of belongings might prove more difficult. Can that box be recycled? Where might you donate those old clothes? What should you do with that entire extra pile? Take some time to research how you should dispose of those items you’ve decluttered to ensure you’re doing so responsibly. Donations, trash, and even gifts can get unnecessary items out of your home or storage space and to a more appropriate destination.

When you stare at a pile of clutter, the sheer thought of purging and organizing can become intimidating. However, you can and will get through these items successfully. Simply spend some time considering the methods and minds that will work best for you, store your “keep” pile in an organized manner, and dispose of the decluttered excess responsibly. Then, enjoy your newfound extra space!

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5 Important Benefits of Renovating Your Home

Things You Didn’t Know Renovating Can Help With

If you’re interested in learning more about the 5 important benefits of renovating your home, then you have come to the right place! The idea may seem scary at first, it seems time-consuming, cost-intensive, and overall draining, but these 5 benefits will quickly show you that there are much more pros than cons when it comes to renovating your home.

1 – Your Neighbors Will Appreciate It

If your home is old and outdated, needs a lot of work to be done, and is overall just a little drab and down, your neighbors may be giving you more side-eyes than you prefer. Additionally, if your home is in this condition while your neighbors’ homes are all modern and updated, your house may be driving their property value down!

They may like you as a person, but to get them to like you and your home better, renovating may be the best option. The process can be a communal activity where some people chip in and you can talk about the best options, where to find the best contractors, where to find the best deals on supplies, whatever! At the same time, you will be boosting the look and value of both your house and everyone around you!

This also does not entirely mean a full-on renovation for your house. Renovations can also entail just minor changes and aesthetics. You may choose to change the way your yard is landscaped or add a new sun patio for you to relax and enjoy in, or you may just want a new coat of paint or new appliances. 

Renovations are not meant to break the bank, and overtime if you make it an active process, you can renovate your home in a very budget-friendly way that is also easy on your schedule.

2 – It Can Make Your Home More Livable

If your home is older and some of your amenities are worn, your day-to-day life may be suffering as a consequence. Having older, sturdier appliances is a plus, but sometimes newer renovations can just make things simpler for you and your family. 

Sometimes you may not be able to fully relax, or you may even be stressed when trying to navigate your home or you keep seeing peeling wallpaper and antiquated fixtures. When you renovate your home, you are not just doing it to increase your property value, you are doing it to make a space that you feel comfortable living in. 

Many people that choose to do renovations today are opening up their homes and having them be more open concept, and the cramped feeling of before is no more. Things like these may seem insignificant at the moment, but overall they can add up and wear you down.

3 – You Can Save Money in the Long Run

Your home is more of an investment than you think it is. Property values are continually fluctuating with the market, but on top of this, if your home is modern and more livable than its older counterparts, people will be more willing to buy it. 

Not even thinking about the possibility of selling your home, if you put a good amount of time and resources into your home, you will reap the benefits before you know it. If your home is made of quality, durable items, then in the long run you will spend less time on it.

If you buy a good quality rug, carpet, coat of paint, or appliance, it will last longer and you will not need to spend as much money replacing it. A more expensive washing machine will cost less than you have to continually purchase a lower quality one that bites the dust before you know it.

4 – You Can Lower Your Utility Bills

Sort of adding onto the last point, when you spend a little extra for long-lasting goods and appliances, you can also opt to buy energy-efficient appliances. You will see your bills go down very quickly. 

Even parts of your home like high-quality windows and insulation will help in the tricky hot and cold times of the year, and your air conditioning and the heating bill will thank you.

5 – Your Home Value Will Increase

This one is a little self-explanatory, but if you invest the time and money into your house, you will see returns if you think about selling. An updated bathroom or office or even an entirely remodeled house will be more appealing to buyers and they will be more willing to accept whatever price you are selling at.

Like with the first point as well, if your house is updated, the whole property value of your neighborhood may increase as well, and other houses will be inclined to keep their homes looking fresh and appealing.  So in the situation that you have a residential relocation, you will get the most value from your home in the long term.


Renovating your home seems daunting, and it very well could be if you try and do it all at once. Renovating should not be a process that scares you or puts you out though, you should try and do it on your terms, in accordance with your needs. It can be a rewarding process with a lot of benefits, so just have fun with it!

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Why Garage door repair and maintenance is a necessity for every homeowner

A broken garage door can be a major inconvenience for any homeowner. When it comes to repairing or replacing your garage door, there are several things you should know about before deciding. This blog post will cover the basics on what you need to do to maintain and repair your garage door.

Home Security

Most homeowners don’t realize that garage doors are one of the most important safety features in their home. Homeowners always think about the safety of their home, but many don’t stop to consider one of its most important features: The garage door. The Garage door is the first line of defense in your home’s safety. One study found that while garage doors are often one of the most overlooked pieces to a house, they can also be some homeowners’ biggest mistake when it comes to their homes’ security. When you install a new or replacement garage door, make sure its locks align with any other keyed entryways on your property like on your front and back entrances for maximum protection against intruders who may attempt access through them. Whether it’s the storm that leaves your home vulnerable for an intruder looking for their next score, when there is no one around and no alarm system installed they see this as their best opportunity to strike. 

 Garage doors are often overlooked in a homeowner’s list for what makes up an overall safe house, and while they may not be as exciting or flashy as other things like the alarm system that is installed inside your home – it can just make all the difference when you’re trying to keep out unwanted guests!

Garage Door Repairs

 Your garage door can get damaged by storms, burglars, small children and just routine wear and tear. Therefore, it’s important to check your garage door for damage every few months and keep an eye out for these common problems. Broken Springs, broken cables, broken openers can all be expensive and dangerous to fix so it is important that you have professionals come in as soon as possible when you notice these issues! The garage door is a common sight in many homes. Its primary function of opening your home to the outside world may seem simple, but even this can go wrong with just one broken spring or cable. When you live near any area that has experienced severe weather recently – tornadoes, hurricanes etc., then it’s likely your car port could be damaged by flying debris as well! You’ll need to get an expert opinion on whether there are other problems too before making repairs; these include Broken Springs, Broken Cables, Broken Openers, Damaged Panels, Damaged Tracks noisy operation, slow operation and remote issues like keypads not working etc. 

Your garage door protects valuable items inside so when something goes wrong it needs fixing quick smart and without delay! 

Garage Door Replacement

 If you have an old garage door, it’s time to replace it with a newer model that will last longer and be more energy efficient. You may think your old garage door is fine, but without routine service it will eventually wear out and need to be replaced. A new model with an increased level of energy efficiency can save you money in the long-term by cutting down on wasted energy and high utility bills. You may be pleasantly surprised by how much less you’ll spend on energy bills if you upgrade to an improved garage door. This is the 21st century, and people are still making doors. Like cars or pickup trucks, there’s no shortage of competition in the Garage door industry for consumers to choose from: aluminum versus steel; single layer versus triple layers. What about insulation? People might be surprised at how cold it can get outside during a Boise winter! But luckily many Garage Door manufacturers deliver efficiency, security as well as a great selection of styles–textured vinyl siding alloys that won’t fade in harsh weather conditions and insulated panels made out highly advanced materials so as not make too much noise when opening up

To make sure that your garage door is always in good condition, call Sawtooth Garage Doors of Boise today. We’re proudly committed to delivering superior service for all Boise area residents and a diligent inspection is always included to help us do just that! Don’t wait until your garage door breaks down before you act. Prevent a potential disaster by calling Sawtooth Garage Doors today. We’re fully committed toward delivering superior service to all our neighbors in the Boise Idaho area, and we’ll always carry out an inspection first to make sure that we deliver repairs on time. We also offer 24-hour emergency service so we’re always there when you need us most! – call us today!

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Why More Companies Are Investing in EV Charger Installation

Companies, as well as their employees and customers, are becoming increasingly concerned with reducing their carbon footprint. People are choosing to use electric vehicles rather than those that still use fossil fuels. Because of this, it is becoming increasingly important for businesses to provide ways for employees to go green. One of the best ways to do this is by adding EV charger installations on their premises. Let’s look at some of the reasons more companies are starting to add these stations.

Boost Customer Traffic

When you have EV charger installations on your property, it will increase the amount of traffic that your business receives. People can stop by and charge their car while they are shopping. They like the convenience that it can provide, and they are more likely to choose your company over a company that doesn’t offer this type of service. That little matter of convenience can make a big difference when it comes to people deciding where they will shop.

Make Employees Happy

In addition to making the customers happy, it could also make your employees happy. If they have electric vehicles, they can charge while they are at work, which can save them some time and effort.

Manage Your Fleet

You may find that going electric for your fleet of vehicles is a good idea. While the cost of the vehicles might be high at the outset, having these charging stations at your property can greatly reduce your fuel costs later. You can have your vehicles charged for less than what you would pay for fuel. It will also be easier to keep all of the vehicles ready to go without the need to add gas.

These are some of the reasons that companies are increasingly choosing to use electric vehicle charging stations. If you operate a business and you want to enjoy the benefits that other companies are already receiving, it might be time to think about an EV charger installation. Take the time to find a company like Vantage West that can provide installation whether it’s for one or two stations or enough for a fleet of vehicles. 

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