4 Renovations That Will Transform Your Swimming Pool

As you upgrade your home, one of the areas that is likely to be left out is the pool area. Just like other areas of your home, the pool gets worn out too. Why does your pool need attention too? This is the place you get rejuvenation after long tiresome days, it might also be where you host guests and it also contributes to the overall appeal of your home. 

If your pool exhibits dry ambience, has leaks and old systems and it is no longer trendy, this is a call for an upgrade. With the help of pool remodeling Tucson experts, here are some upgrades that will transform your pool area.

Installing LED lights

Is the poor lighting in your pool blocking you from enjoying your evenings and nights in the pool area? Well, installing LED lights will give it an impressive transformation. Not only will these lights save your energy by about 75%, but they will also add to the ambience while ensuring lighting is adequate.

To make the view even better, you can install LED lights that change colors to create a light show in your pool. This is a  good way to revamp a swimming pool that is out of trend, while at the same time enhancing safety.

Add some stone coping around the pool

Stone coping around the swimming pool will give it a great face lift. Stone coping has greater ambience compared to concrete. More so, it is safer that other materials like tiles which are slippery to walk on. Stone coping comes in a wide range of options and designs allowing you to achieve your preferred aesthetics. 

Compared to other materials this gives a distinct charm that also makes your pool look expensive and elegant.

Automatic leveler

An automatic leveler will detect when the water levels in the pool are too low and trigger a refill up to the optimum level. Whey do you need an automatic leveler? For one, it will give you peace of mind as it will eliminate the constant worry of whether the water levels are okay. Note that too low levels can cause damage to the pool equipment which can be expensive to replace. 

It will also go a long way in protecting your yard from flooding caused by overfilling. It also has an aesthetic benefit as it eliminates the need to have hoses floating on your pool (hoses can be a hazard too).

Tile replacement 

Broken and old tiles are not only unsightly, but they can cause injury or damage to the pool. This is one of the priority areas of remodeling that will instantly change the appearance of your pool. Retiling with updated and attractive tiles will enhance the overall appearance of your pool area.


As you remodel your home, do not leave your pool out. It gets worn out too, something that will not only cause inefficiency in energy use but can also be a hazard. Do a remodel to eliminate these worries and also enhance the ambience of your outdoor space.

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5 Creative Ideas for Renovating a Nursery Room

The first room that a child experiences is the nursery. It prepares them for their future as they learn how to sleep, play and even walk in this new space. The nursery should be filled with items that will encourage a child’s curiosity and imagination.

Nurseries are also a place where many parents choose to decorate for baby showers, so it is important to keep in mind how this room could transform over time. It’s also helpful to consider the different types of nursery beds, storage and lighting.

We’ve rounded up five design ideas that can help you get inspired for creating your perfect nursery room.

light source that matches the style of your child’s bed

If you are planning to use a convertible crib, go ahead and purchase one with a canopy. Place an overhead light fixture that matches the bed’s style, then switch it on each evening before your little one falls asleep.

If you plan to use this room as an adult guest space in the future, think about investing in lighting styles that will complement your décor and fit in with other items in your home.

n area for rocking and comforting

If you plan to use a crib until your baby is ready for a toddler bed, it’s helpful to create a separate space that is solely dedicated to comfort. This may be as simple as adding an armchair next to the crib or creating a special reading corner in the nursery.

Peel and stick Wallpapers

Use Custom wallpaper that is peel and stick wallpapers to add color and texture to the walls, then carefully paint over them with a low-odor paint. Peelable wallpapers can be great  for nurseries as they can be repainted and redecorated over time.

Decor that expands their horizons

Children’s rooms should be decorated with items that broaden their horizons, like a mobile that includes images of the moon and stars or an area rug with an interesting pattern. These are only two examples of how to transform this space into something special. Use your imagination and decorate this room with items that will encourage your child to explore while they are still very young.

Lighting and storage containers that parents can use in other rooms

It’s a great idea to add lighting and storage units that can be used in different parts of the house when you are finished using them in the nursery. If you have the budget, you may also want to look into changing tables with storage space.

style that reflects your personal taste and is easy to update

It’s important to decorate a nursery room in a style that showcases your personal tastes, but is also functional. You can do this using wallpapers for nursery. It’s helpful to go with basic colors and designs for this room as you will most likely be updating the space every few years.

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